1. Pray with an awareness that God has people that He has been dropping into your spirit to “carry to term”. There is a good possibility that over any given week that God will bring them to mind- especially if you allow yourself to be drawn out of yourself. Pray with confidence in the spirit until you sense things moving as you pray for them. Be ready to ask God for any leading He may give you to take action. Be ready to share about 1 person that God may have put in your heart to intercede for during our Saturday training, or during small group. It is always good to use a prayer notebook to record “the movements of God in the sanctuary” (Ps 63). See how they pan out in the external world. The more we grow in prayer, the more, we coordinate what we see and hear in our spirit with what we see and hear with our physical eyes and ears.

2. Try to be intentional in taking opportunities to pray beyond the limits of your current capacity. You may want to use the prayer tool for reference. The main thing is to have prayed further than usual a few times in the week. By doing this, you are pushing past the boundaries of your capacity. Remember, it’s not a matter of us trying in our own efforts, but being open to God’s drawing you further. In all this, God is not only working in you, but in the places that He has you to minister – church, work, networks of relationships.

A note about training: Because we have only one session during the course of a month, it is important to be regular in attendance in order for it to be of significant benefit. If you are not able to come for a session for any reason, please inform us about it. The idea is that God is forming us as a body, and the unit through which He works His purposes in this world is the church. And when the church begins to come together in unity to function together, things happen that could not happen on an individual basis.