Foundations: the 4 Core Areas of Training

1. Spirit

This involves gaining greater intimacy with God in terms of facility of moving with Him in a level commensurate with that intimacy – not presumptuously, but soberly and increasing in accuracy. Prior to engaging in more formal aspects of ministry, we are aiming to lay a solid foundation of prayer in the spirit, sensing His movements, following a trajectory in prayer and overcoming the Enemy in personal and corporate prayer. Having a good feel of these basics would be important to have insinuated into our blood, so that we can function well even when we are in non-ideal conditions. The strengthening of the inner person of the spirit is an important core process underlying the ministry we will engage in. Some of the ministries under the category of Spirit are: leading in worship, leading prayer meetings, prayer and deliverance ministry, moving in the gifts of the Spirit, and corporate prayer unto a move of God.

The most basic exercise of “praying up” in the spirit will be something we will practice as a staple.

2. Word

What we mean by Word is not just scriptures, but the dynamic living word mediated by the Spirit and springing from the scripture. When the Word of God comes through the scriptures, we experience the opening up of the texts, and the opening up of ourselves in a strange and total way. The first effect of the word is not necessarily on our cognition, but on our spirits.

So receiving a word from God, listening to the word, opening the word in a revelatory way, ministering the word, in prophecy, teaching and preaching are included here.

3. Winning (Harvesting)

I am sure many of us became part of VCF, not just to bless people in a generic way. And when we discovered Dan. 11:32, I’m sure we knew that God had more in mind than doing what we already could do.

Beyond being a blessing to people, there is a way in which Christ the Evangelist moves towards the real goal of winning people unto Himself, in all His awesome Lordship. The actuality of harvest involves separating the life of a person from everything that he or she has been possessed of before. Unfortunately, so much of ministry lacks the cutting edge needed to really save a person such that he/she is no longer functioning from the pseudo life of the old identity and source of life. The convert no longer lives for self or any of those “good” things that has been the orientation. The authentic life in him/her makes for a different zeal. That’s why when people are genuinely converted, the first thing that happens is a new passion for people to experience what they have experiences. So we will focus on the dimension of winning; not just blessing, or edifying in and of themselves.

4. Discipling

The 4th core ingredient of ministry that we want to focus on is raising people – not just maintaining a certain level of well-being, but catching a vision of what God is raising them up to be. This involves knowing what spiritual ingredients a new Christian needs to be a person who can be used by God. God is preparing a people who will know how to take action. Only disciples will by ready and on time. Our 4th concentration will have to do with wrestling with what to disciple people in at each stage of growth. As leaders, we are tasked with a call to raise people with spiritual ingredients that are needed. Like Paul, we are conscious about how we build – what ingredients are involved, and what God is doing in real time.