The Call – Type 2 Harvesting

I believe that God has more for us as ministers when He calls us to be in VCF. The call to be the subjects of Dan. 11:32 – a people who know God, display strength and do exploits is much more akin to Type 2 harvesting than to doing things that don’t really require the supernatural, wholly other power of God’s love. As ministers, we are here not to do what we could already do before we joined the church. VCF has a purpose for existence that entails being raised to do His mighty works based on a process of formation in intimacy, love and holiness.

Although there are many leaders in the Christian church, there are not many harvesters who are able to have eyes and strength to harvest on time. Most ministers go by what their eyes observe, rather than by revelation, so they miss the harvest, even when they are standing right in the midst of it. That’s why Jesus asked the disciples to pray for a certain kind of laborer who could with lifted eyes, penetrate past the surface to discern the harvest. These ones would often confound those who experience no harvest, and find ripeness right where others have labored fruitlessly for years and have said that it could not be done. Again and again, I see God moving in people whom others have written off and effectively pronounced, “They’re not ready.” It’s a certain kind of person whom Jesus is praying for. Unfortunately the Church is filled with a multitude of people who want “to do ministry”, but are not seeing the harvest. It has to be that God has better for us!

The Training

For many years, there have been some basic core areas of ministry empowerment that I’ve come to see as a staple for the minister of God, the Servant of Yahweh. I’ve discovered that when people were trained even in the most basic levels, God would use them in remarkable ways, always marked by the supernatural – both providential as well as miraculous (note the distinction). Over the years, I have found that people that I have discipled and trained have been used by God greatly when they faithfully practiced in these areas.

4 Core Areas

I propose that we focus on these areas. Only a ministry that is empowered greatly in these areas will be compelling. Here are the 4 areas I propose to focus our training on. They are also the same areas that we want to pass on to the next generation.

  1. Spirit
  2. Word
  3. Winning (people to the Lord)
  4. Discipling

In the next blog post, I will go more in depth into these 4 core areas.  You will see that 3 and 4 are built on the basic building blocks of 1 and 2.